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While working as a farrier in the early 2000’s, specializing in the rehabilitation of horses with hoof problems like laminitis and white line disease, as well as maintenance of horses with and without shoes, I was always searching for what could make the hoof stronger, tougher, more resistant to the fungus of South Florida. This product, Animal Trace Minerals, found me. I had several horses in one barn that had weak lamina and poor quality hoof wall that chipped and flared. I spent many months working to improve hoof quality with limited improvement. One morning when I arrived at the barn to trim, I immediately noticed a difference in quality of the hooves. They were stronger, healthier looking, and more able to support the horses’ weight. The horses were moving more freely and seemed more comfortable. Because of such a drastic change I spent time talking with the owner about what had changed, what was different. The owner then told me the only change was that she had started feeding Animal Trace Minerals six weeks earlier. All four horses in the barn had improved. I immediately went out and bought the product and began feeding it to my own personal horses, noticing an improvement in just two weeks in the shine on their coats. In about four weeks, the change in the hoof was noticeable. I’m a farrier and I thought my horses had pretty good feet before discovering ATM. But I could not deny the improvement, and started recommending it to all my clients. Over the years I found the improvement in hoof horn quality made me look good as a farrier, and gave me something durable to nail a shoe to. Clients were always asking for my advice on hoof supplements. I told them that ATM was the ONLY supplement I had ever seen bring dramatic improvement to the hoof. No other supplement – biotin, lysine, other mineral combinations – brought the same results. My own barn is never without it. I buy it in the fifty-pound size to save money.


Frank Tobias, III

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Within the first month of putting my horse on the Animal Trace-Minerals, I noticed a change around his coronary band as well as my farrier noticed a change in the texture of his foot for the better. He’d been on the Minerals for three years, so I decided they had worked at a cellular level and took him off them. That was a mistake. He started having sensitivity to hoof testers and general inflammation in his feet. Put him back on and within two weeks, his feet were better again. Lesson learned – if they need the Minerals, they will always need them. I definitely recommend the Animal Trace-Minerals.

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Nicky Vogel

USEF "R" Dressage Judge / British Horse Society Instructor

I started feeding the minerals in 2015. I got a 23 year old QH Gelding who was retired from Reining due to his lameness in spine and hooves. He always had bad walls with white line disease. I put him on the minerals and with in a few months I could see a major difference in his walls. The grew down much thicker than before,allowing them to hold together stronger which kicked out the white line. I then had his spine adjusted which helped him get stronger. The Minerals also helped him build muscle mass which allowed him to do his job as a Reiner again! In December 2015, “Jato” Became top 20 at the Reining Championship Finals in OKC!! I feed all my horses these  Minerals, they really work! I also recommend them to all my clients for their horses. I shoe horses for a living and have rebuilt many hooves with this product. I have recently started taking the people version for myself!!
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Monique Gautreaux

Beaver Dam, VA

I have been using Animal Trace Minerals for almost 10 years. I have used them on riding horses, driving horses and our ponies. Not only do they produce strong hooves but also promotes growth. I had to even cut back on the amount with some, as their hooves were growing too much. Our farrier says that our horses have the best feet of all his customers. They are much healthier since I started feeding the minerals. In addition to the quality of the hooves, the minerals produce a shiny healthy coat in all of our horses. By adding them to the diet, you must start from the inside for a healthy horse.

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Melissa Warner

Equine Director / Cedar Lane Farm

I have used this wonderful product for many years and my dressage horses have made it to the FEI competition levels and have had long show careers.  I have already started my next two young horses on TraceMin!  It provides chelated forms of magnesium, iron and other minerals so they are accessible to the horse.

Martine C. Duff

Martine C. Duff

I was introduced to Animal Trace Minerals in 2008 and since then, I can attest of all the benefits they bring to  the horses that have been supplemented with them. For sure they are part of my successes! Forever grateful not only to the effect they have on the all around well being and performance of my horses but also to the team behind them who are like a family to me.

Carmen Franco 2

Carmen Franco

Dressage / White Fences, FL

As a certified Holistic Hoof Care Professional, I have been using and recommending Animal Trace Minerals for 10 years. It’s always the first supplement I recommend to my clients for overall health and especially hoof health with results I can always count on.

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Geri White

American Hoof Association President / Equine Sciences Academy Field Instructor

My name is Luis Reteguiz-Denizard and I am an international Dressage rider, having ridden in the last three Pan American Games. My horses reside in Palm City, Florida at my Delante Dressage at Silver Drache Farm south. I have used Animal Trace Minerals on my horses for the past 10 years. It is an essential supplement for all my personal horses. I use it on my horses of all ages and levels of training. It gives them a healthy coat, skin and feet. It helps to increase energy in those that lack it but yet doesnt make the hot ones any hotter.
I need not worry that any of my horses will be deficient on these trace minerals and that training can continue uninterrupted.
I recommend that all equestrians have their horses on Animal Trace Minerals.

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Luis Reteguiz-Denizard

Silver Drache Farm / Palm City, FL

I have been involved with these trace minerals for over 20 years in all aspects from extraction, processing, shipping and usage on my own horses and animals. And for me and my wives own consumption.
A better absorption of nutrients has improved my endurance and well being. My horses’ coats are shiny and hooves strong. It has been shown that vitamins are better absolved in the presence of minerals, thus I feel I am healthier and happier when I use these wonderful trace minerals.

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Herb Shaw

Clearwater, FL

Since using Animal Trace Mineral the past year my horse has developed a stronger foot with increased growth.

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Joan Lanier & Drakkar

Animal Trace Minerals has been a great addition to our horse’s hoof health.

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Cathy Coward

Hopeland Farm / Aiken, SC.

Animal Trace Minerals helps my horses look and feel their best. I’m so grateful to have a product that supports my horse’s health with proper minerals. They gain condition, have improved hooves, and are shiny without a bunch of other supplements. I love Trace Minerals and so do my horses. 

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Elizabeth Shneider Huntingtown, MD

I tried this product for my TB with various skin problems and was amazed how well it worked. Within a month his coat was shiny and smooth. I noticed his overall health, hoofs and attitude continued to improve. I now have all my horses on this product and they all thriving and looking fantastic!

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Helle Goodrich

Hancock, NH

I have been using Animal Trace Minerals for about six years now I was introduced to them by Dr Carlos.  All of my foxhunters are barefoot (which fluxuates between about 5-8 at any given time! I have both thorobreds and half drafts. And what I can tell you is that they all have great feet!

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Samantha Spitler

Aiken, SC

One of my clients started using Trace Minerals a couple years ago to support hoof growth for a horse with White Line Disease. After a couple of weeks we noticed increased hoof growth that was not present with other hoof products. We started additional horses on the product that had poor hoof quality and growth with positive results. We also noticed the horses on the Trace Minerals had increased muscle mass and shinier coats.

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Sue Uhlir


I have used this brand Animal Trace Minerals for over 7 years. I find it is an essential part of any horses diet especially here in Florida where we are so deficient in so many types of crucial nutrients for our horses. I highly recommend these equine Animal Trace Minerals to all horses. 

Leah Winston

Leah Winston

Brookview / Dressage

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